Why to Vote PTI? Why to Support Imran Khan? 8 Facts

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I was thinking about the upcoming Election in Pakistan. Suddenly I start thinking of the importance of it. Why election is important? How can we get rid of dummy and fraudster leaders?? How we will make our country flourishing? And the important pith is that to which Political party we need to cast vote this time? Because our vote can change lives of millions but we don’t think about significance of our vote. We need to take some time to think about and make short research about it. We need to study on internet, news or on social media about the facts and truths of different political parties. And then take decision of casting vote. Vote PTI

In this article I’ll share few facts which will bound you to vote PTI. The decision is up to you but I’m 90% sure that this will amend your mind. So please read this article complete and think about it wisely.

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Now let’s begin to read the Facts

1. 70% Pakistani support Imran khan

According to a research taken out in 2012, 70% Pakistani support imran khan as a leader. Local buddies of Pakistan think that Imran khan can lead the country and can make Pakistan stronger and prosperous.

2. A chance to break a dummy chain of Politicians

In this upcoming Election I’ll vote PTI because we have tried all other leaders i.e. Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari. And they all deceived us and depredate our right. As we have seen Imran khan is never involved in corruption. So he looks clean and honest man according to my view. The only person left to be trusted is Imran khan and PTI. Now the question which will evoke in your mind is “Yes Imran khan is honest man but other politicians in PTI are not to be trusted. So what about that?” I have an answer to this question, read next paragraph.

3. Best move of PTI

PTI Announces Parliamentary Board To Award Tickets
PTI Announces Parliamentary Board To Award Tickets

Recently, Imran khan decided that in upcoming Election we’ll not give tickets to every candidate. We’ll choose them wisely and those who are not doing well in the party or for the Country, will not be designate. This move of PTI change my mind to cast my vote to Pakistan Tahreek-e-insaaf.

4. Imran can take the corrupt politicians to court

Recently, you may read about the Nawaz Sharif Verdict and now very recently the Khwaja Asif case. These all politicians are involved in corruption. The only person who can take them to courts is Imran khan. So we should support him.

5. KPK and PTI

PTI govern the KP province from 2013 to 2018 and they made many positive changes in KPK. Many projects are run out through the province. PTI made education better in KP ( you can ask from any person from KPK). Hospitals are been improved. Police have given most focus. Now KP police is count best of the country. Infrastructure is been improved in KP by PTI government.

6. Imran khan destroyed his Marital Life for his Political ideology

First Imran khan married to Jamaima khan. But due to change of political views, they got separation. Then he married to Reham Khan but due to change in political ideology the marriage ends very early. Now he is married with Bushra Bibi.

7. The First ever Non-Governmental Asian to address World Economic Forum

Imran Khan is the first Asian person who addressed WEF without being the part of government. According to the global post website, Imran is ranked third among the nine top leaders of the World.

8. Imran does a lot for the welfare of people.

His biggest achievement is Shaukat Khan Cancer hospital for the people of Pakistan. This hospital plays important role for lower class of Pakistanis. Shaukat khanam provides state of art facilities and almost free treatment for lower class.

If you want change in Pakistan. So you all need to vote PTI and Support Imran Khan this Time. Thanks for Reading!! Share this Article on Social Media if You Love Imran Khan.