What is happening in Syria and Yemen (Let me Explain!)

What is happening in Syria and Yemen
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What is happening in Syria and Yemen???

Kill a Child in Syria…

Oh it is crime! Human Right Violation! Assad should Give up his throne! The Govt. has upsets the established order and so on..

Kill a dozen More in Yemen….

Oh… That sounds bad… but who cares, #Syria_Bleeds

It is not Syrian People. Nor it is The people of Yemen neither it is the massacre of Muslims and most certainly it is not the slaughter of Humans (as a single race or religion) we care about.. we only care about the propaganda that has been fed to us by our media. We don’t even try to look up the sources of information that is fed to us. We only believe our lying eyes. Yes Syria Bleeds and Assad’s regime should come to its end but what about Yemen. Why people don’t care about them. You wanna know Why âť“…………… because of USA..

Ok let me explain what is happening in Syria and Yemen

When someone’s coup disturbs law and order situation it is the government’s responsibility to restore peace. If peace is not restored the Government is accountable for that.

Now, In Syria the government is backed by Russia & Iran against the rebels supported by USA 🇺🇸, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, France 🇫🇷 and England 🇬🇧 mostly.

The opposite is the scenario in Yemen. Where the Government is backed by USA 🇺🇸 and Its middle eastern Allies and Rebels are backed by Iran.

Media response on Syria and Yemen Conflicts

Now lets see, What are the Major News Channels on our home(Earth 🌎) ? hmmmmmm….. Al Jazeera, BBC, CNN

And What are the most famous newspapers in this world?
New York Times, The Washington Post, New York Daily

We can see that clearly media (electronic and print both) is on side of USA 🇺🇸 and its Allies. They are constantly telling us that Assad is bad, he is Bad, he is bad.. No doubt he is but is US or its Allies, KSA for example, are they as Good as they are presented to us by media. To shake the foundations of Assad’s regime these media “Giants” are using their great influence. They are constantly conveying the message that Syria is under a terrible siege for which Assad is responsible and his Government is constantly carrying out practices that are direct violation of Human rights. They have compelled the whole world to put pressure on Assad to let go off his throne. Even Cristiano Ronaldo (a sports person should not know much about Current affairs ) has said that he will support a random Syrian Child because the child is a victim of the war.. it is kind and generous on his behalf neither i condemn his action nor i say we should not raise voice for Syrian people not just as Muslims but humans as well.

But, no one knows what is happening in Yemen?! Why people are being butchered in Yemen? Why no one knows a single thing about that?

You know why.. because it is in US favor to support The Govt. in Yemen and Rebels in Syria. US is using media to control the minds of people. Peace is just illusion and Truth is perspective..

Showing our sympathies to Syrians is not what I am against but I am against this misplaced concept of Syrian lives being more important than Yemeni…

Don’t be a Puppet of USA.