Warframe Lex Prime Weapon- All you need to know

Lex Prime

Warframe Lex Prime Weapon- All you need to know

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Willing to have a powerful and efficient pistol in Warframe which can provide you high damage, high accuracy, high critical chance and has a high polarity? Then, the primed version of Lex pistol would be perfect for you.

Lex Prime is the advanced version of the Lex semi-auto pistol which provides you more base damage, almost double the amount of fire rate, 15% more status chance and 5% more critic chance as compared the unprimed Lex pistol. Lex Prime is perfect for those people who are up to stage 5 and are willing to buy a secondary semi auto pistol to help them in the stages ahead.

Advantages of Lex Prime

          The Lex Prime is a great pistol for people who want good accuracy and fire rate. Following are some advantages of the Lex Prime:

  1. Very high base damage:

The Lex prime provides an extremely high base damage. It has strong puncture damage that indicates that it can be easily used to attack people with armor and giving them some critical damage.

  1. High Accuracy:

Another advantage of Lex Prime is that it has very high accuracy rate. The barrels are carefully placed so that they can give out most of the accuracy.

  1. High Critical Chance:

The Lex prime has an increased 5% critical chance as compared to the Lex Pistol. It means the probability of a hit being a critical hit.

  1. High Status Chance:

The Lex Prime has a high status chance. It means the probability of having an additional effect of the hit. The Lex prime has an increased 15% status chance.

  1. Madurai – V Polarity:

The Lex Prime has Madurai – V polarity. The polarity is used for increasing the weapon or frame’s strength.

  1. Decent Fire-Rate:

The Lex prime has a quite decent fire rate. The Lex prime can fire at a rate of 2.08 rounds per sec.

  1. Low Level of Mastery:

The Lex prime requires a low level of mastery which makes it quite accessible for beginners. The Lex prime requires level 5 to unlock it.

Lex Prime Details
Lex Prime Details

Disadvantages of Lex Prime

Since, the Lex Prime Weapon has many advantages it also has some disadvantages. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Low Slash and Impact damage:

The Lex prime has a bit low slash and impact damage as compared to other weapons. It is quite less effective against health and shield.

  1. Slow rate of fire:

Even though the Lex prime has a decent rate of fire but still as compared to other weapons it has a really slow rate.

  1. Small Magazine size:

The Lex Prime has very small size of magazine, therefore it cannot shoot much. A single magazine of Lex Prime can occupy only 8 rounds at a time.

  1. High Recoil:

Another disadvantage of the Lex prime is that it has a very high recoil. Therefore it takes time to shoot other bullets.

  1. Slow Reload Speed:

The Lex prime has a very slow reload speed which makes it quite slow to shoot other bullets.