Turkey Failed Military Coup and Pakistan’s Political Situation

Turkey Failed Military Coup

Turkey Failed Military Coup and Pakistan’s

Political Situation

On Friday 15th July the Turkey Military disseminate that they have seized power to reform constitutional order, democracy, human rights and freedoms to ensure the rule of law again remain in the country. The situation gets more worsted when a dozen of soldiers come-up to block the main bridge “Bosporus Bridge” Where a big clash among military personals and Erdogan supports occurred. So far the official in the president’s office say that around 60 people have been killed and more than 2500 have detained. Later on Saturday Erdogan told the nation that government is in charge after failed attempt of military coup which killed dozens of civilians on Friday and Saturday. If the coup were successful it will be another amount to one of the biggest shift in the Middle East in following years, which caused ten of thousand people to die and millions of them have migrated to Turkey and Europe.

Tayyib Erdogan Addressing supporters

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Tayyib Erdogan was more confident on Saturday morning when he appeared to Addressing supporters outside Istanbul Ataturk Airport. According to him “they have pointed the people’s guns against the people. The president, whom 52 percent of the people brought to power, is in charge. This government brought to power by the people be in charge. They won’t succeed as long as we stand against them by risking everything”. There may be many reasons for failed attempt of military coup and that is Tayyib Erdogan’s increasingly constitutional order and conflict in the Kurdish area of southeast Turkey. There may be many reasons too for break-down military coup. In my opinion the very first reason for fall in coup is the well educated and well democratic public. They are the true beneficiary of the good governance of the Erdogan’s previous and current regimes been as Prime Minister and President respectively. Even the state Television network was seized by plotter, they responded to Erdogan’s call to come out to the streets to protest and to stop further moment by coup plotter.

Secondly main reason for Break-down coup is the un-politicized police and law employment forces. Though the military plotter have planned coup to destabilized the civilian government but it’s seen that the police force were totally under civilian administration and were fighting against the military plotters. That’s why the in-tenseness of the coup was dwindling down on the next day and then all power was shifted again to Erdogan’s administration.

Turkey Military Coup

Pakistan and Turkey common factors

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Pakistan and Turkey have much common factors with respect to religion, social life, economics and political affairs. The recent event is related political dimension rather than religion and socio-economic. Pakistan and Turkey have seen much unrest in political affairs from last 68 years. But Turkey seems to be much mature as compare to Pakistan. There political leaders as well as their people have learned a lot from past 68 years. Tayyib Erdogan took the Prime Minister office in 2003 for first time and then later been elected as President after altering constitutional order by margin of 52% vote. The supporter not only backed him in election but also responded to his call when the major political unrest emerged in the country on last Friday.

Pakistan has ruled by military men for more than half of life span but not for a single time such response from political leaders as well as general public have been seen. Unfortunately many of political leaders have agreed on some conditions with dictators and flee for not interacting in political situation for said or infinite period. Some political parties that have strong belief on democracy today are actually supported by military not only morally but also financially just to provide political support to military when it is needed. This can be observed when posters were hanged in all major cities cited that COAS must take all administrative power.

The general public who always seen that their leader may leave country soon in case of military coup, doesn’t even respond to any political unrest created by military plotter and as result the civilian administration is ruled by military for more than half of 68 years. The second main reason military coup in Pakistan is the corrupted and politicized institutional bad governance. Since independence not a single institution can be advert for un-politicized status, specially police and law and order enforcement cells. Even with a present constitutional order there may need of order to enforce law and order situation either from civilian government or military. These all situation together Pakistan has always feared of there may not a military coup in the country.