Thinking and Thoughts – Let your thoughts free

freedom of thoughts
freedom of thoughts
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“Thinking” A teacher asked his student,” Do you think” , student replied ,” I think No , sir “. Thinking is not only an abstract element but an energy for struggle and a plan for goal’s achievement. Unfortunately, I and my society don’t think about our work, our responsibility, our aims, ourselves and even about our thoughts. We hadn’t even thought about the reality of thought. The big dilemma is that we even do not think that we do not think. May be Nomchomski feel sad on this specific modification in his quote but its un-denying statement that we are closing our eyes from reality.

Reality of thinking

From reality I remembered that thinking at one side move man to the very depth of reality. And at the other side it help in escapism. Elders usually used to say that one who talk much think little. This statement shows that utterance of words is the anti-polar activity of thinking. Our society is having large number of people having very expensive brains, the very unused ones, reason is that we follow others words and thoughts that’s why we hadn’t used our one. What an authenticity is here in last sentence that thoughts are created in mind means an activity of mind is said to be thinking.

Questions about thoughts

Question arise that thoughts come to mind but from where. Now a dull student of philosophy like me will reply that we get elements for thinking from our five senses. Whatever we see, smell, taste, hear or touch ,we get energy for thoughts from their but again question arise that we also think in sleep or in environment where our five senses are doing rest that time, Even we think more in sleep than in other part of our 24 hour shows that thinking is not dependent on our five senses and physical body but dependent on our feelings ,whatever we feel we think about that and whatever we think we feel that means directly thoughts are under the influence of heart. Don’t you think thought is an external agent for creativity?

In Regards to human thoughts are external as it comes from outside. And also in society context thoughts are external as it is blessed by Creator but still the elements about which God bless thoughts are internal in both body and society. Last night my friend said, “I have very limited thoughts”, I replied,” mean you have control over your thoughts but in my case, my thoughts are free and its freedom has no limit that’s why my thought has strong control over my actions. Hope my words about thought will confuse you and you would think about thinking, thoughts and its caste.