The Winner and Loser

Vision 2020 can be better described as vision 20/20,that’s the perfect vision in life style and this 20/20 vision can be achieved only by those who are desperate to achieve it. They Are Winners!
There are two types of people in the world, The winner and the loser !
Points where winner differs from loser:
Those who are not winners, they are losers. One becomes a loser when he has lost of excuses and reasons not to follow his dreams instead of a reason to realise those dreams. While the other has the purpose and the hunger to be winner. His burning desire keeps his neglecting the excuses.
 There is never enough time or money for a loser to take the first step. He has an excuse for he lacks willingness to put himself in touch time and work hard. There is lack of desire to come out of his comfort zone. On the other hand winner believes that talent and motivation have limit but inspiration that comes from inside does not have any limit. He defines inspiration in one line as, “I want to do it in my life and I will.”
There is a nice saying that hopeless person finds difficulty in every situation.He thinks that there is no reason to change where as the winner pursue his dream till he realises it and die for it in process. He hopes for a world full of creative challenges and opportunity to conquer them.
This makes him winner. His dreams take him to stars an galaxies to the car corners of the unknown! He believes in himself, he learns to stand alone and discover the long lasting joy and satisfies his soul. His success may be measured by others but his satisfaction is measured by himself.
The winner knows that the road to success is always paved with obstacles, challenges and problems, but he takes it as learning opportunity and imagined of the beautiful destination. Difficulties and hardships are part of life, they are the spice and sometimes the alarm to keep us awake. By looking back in the past, we can see the biggest achievements which were lead by hardships.
The loser also can be winner! Remember
Be insured but never lose hope. Be tried but never stop nor cry. He angry but never lose your aim. Move On! Don’t let the pain make you hate. Don’t let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Don’t confuse your path, just because it’s stormy doesn’t mean that you are headed by sunshine…
Everyday God gives us one chance to change what makes us unhappy. A moment when all powers of stars become a part of us and enables us to perform miracles- Our Magical Moments. They help us change and send us up in search of our dreams, have to know those moments.
  • Everything is about Mindset.
  • We’re not born losers,
  • We’re not born winners,
  • We’re born Choosers!!!….