The Famous Face look Afghan Girl Sharbat Gula, The Mona Lisa Of Afghanistan


The Afghan Girl

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The Afghan girl whose shrewdness eyes made her famous when her photo seen on the cover of National Geographic magazine has been arrested on a feeling of corruption.

Sharbat Gula, photographed as a 12-year-old resident of a refugee camp in 1984, now faces the near possibility of spending 14 years in jail, it was reported.

Sharbat Gula Arresting

She was arrested at her home in Peshawar state, Pakistan, on Wednesday by Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency team (FIA), the Dawn newspaper says.

Saying“FIA sources,” the Pakistani newspaper says she was doubt of forging a computerized national identity card.

Sharbat Gula Story

The new twist in Ms. Gula’s story was, some commentators says, an episode which importance the desperate measures many Afghans don’t return to their war-based homeland as Pakistan cracks down on the undocumented immigrant.

Ms. Gula first gets caught the world’s seen after National Geographic’s Steve McCurry took a picture of her at a refugee camp near in Peshawar in 1984. The sad image, showing her staring at the camera with bright green eyes, seen on the cover of National Geographic in June 1985.

It come on to become the most talked cover image in the magazines in history. Her name is unknown, Ms Gula became famous known to the world as “Afghan girl”, or more poetically as “the Mona Lisa of the Afghan war victims” – which at that time take the country being taken by Soviet, other than Western-backed forces.

Her parents had been killed during Russian bombing of Afghanistan when she was just about six years old.

In 1992, eight years after being pictured by Mr. McCurry, Ms. Gula, who had no idea that her face had become so famous and everybody knows her in this world, after left the Peshawar area and gone the border back into Afghanistan to try to recreate her life. Meanwhile, Mr. McCurry gone back to the region 10 times in the many years, each time carry the girl’s photograph in the hope of she finding someone who knew who she was and where she if be found.

At last, in 2002, 18 years after pictured her, he tracked her down to a remote city in eastern Afghanistan. Her eyes still sad, but her face showing the problem she faced of time, she was married to an ordinary baker and the mother of three children. Another child had died in her infancy.

She showed hopes that her children would need to get an education. When asked if she had thought safe, she replied “No. But life into the Taliban was better. At least there was some peace and order.”

When Asked how she had survived, she responded that it was “the will of God” and some luck.

till McCurry found her again, Ms Gula had never seen the photo of herself as a child.