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Tamen De Gushi. Alternative : 她们的故事 (Chinese); Their Story (English); SQ · 从你的名字开始; SQ: Cong Ni De Mingzi Kaishi; SQ: Starting From Your Name; Chuyện Của Họ.

Welcome to the Tamen De Gushi Wikia! Tamen De Gushi (她们的故事; Their Story), composed by Tan Jiu in 2014, is an amusing sentimental GL story of how Qiu Tong and Sun Jing met and began to look all starry eyed at. The manhua is progressing, containing 171 sections up until now.

Tan Jiu distributed a physical volume of the arrangement called SQ: Begin W/Your Name! on October 5, 2015 which incorporates every one of the pages paving the way to Chapter 141, and additionally some embed workmanship. It is altogether in Chinese.

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Tamen De Gushi Chapter 1 to 10

Tamen De Gushi Chapter 11 to 20


Tamen De Gushi Chapter 21 to 30

Tamen De Gushi Chapter 31 – 40

Tamen De Gushi Chapter 41 – 50

Tamen De Gushi Chapter 51 to 60

Tamen De Gushi Chapter 61 to 70

Tamen De Gushi Chapter 71 – 80

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