Pakistan responsibility as Nuclear Country

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Pakistan does not wish to enter into an arms race with India, nuclear or conventional. Pakistan believes such a race is, neither economically sustainable nor morally tenable and would be destructive for the entire region. Pakistan and India need to employ their precious resources to address their developmental needs. To give a hopeful tomorrow to their peoples who remain mired in poverty the two neighbors need to invest on tools of development, not tools of destruction.Responsibility as Nuclear Pakistan

Responsibility as Nuclear Pakistan

Pakistan will continue to pursue a policy of restraint and responsibility in nuclear matters. India continues to reject the concept of Strategic Restraint in South Asia. Pakistan hopes that they would eventually see the merit of this proposal. Pakistan is sincere in efforts for peace in the region and wants peace with honor, dignity and sovereign equality, as is the right of all nations. But for durable peace and security in South Asia there has to be a balance of conventional and strategic capabilities.