PSL brings cricket back to Pakistan


Incidence with Sri-Lanka Team

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The massacre that happened with happened with the Sri-Lankan Team during their stay at Lahore in 2009 that led to the rebuffing of International Cricket doors on Pakistan. That shoved Pakistan to take rest in a shelter house in the shape of United Arab Emirates (UAE). From the last 9 or more years, Pakistan has faced the outlay of a millions of dollars on its allegoric home ground. Moreover, the exclusion of Pakistani players from Indian Premier League (IPL) caused uneasiness among masses.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) drudged day and night for the retrogression of International Cricket in Pakistan. They launched their own league cricket called Pakistan Super League (PSL) and triumphed the first edition of PSL in its shelter house i-e United Arab Emirates (UAE) with the anticipation of bringing home smiles through the League. Mean while the PCB successfully organized bilateral series with Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka respectively.

Start of PSL

The final of the second edition of PSL dragged its way to Lahore as a step of rehabilitation for the homeless cricket in Pakistan. Although it created a sense of disturbance among masses as its disturbed the businesses of people organized near the stadium, due to the high security protocols carried out by the PCB for the security of foreign players. The Pakistani folks, who are crazed by the love of cricket wholeheartedly, welcomed the new regime of International cricket back in their courtyard. They showed by their behavior that they are a peaceful nation and want cricket back in their bags. They responded to the efforts carried by the PCB and showed their love and respect for the game.

PSL 3 brings cricket back to Pakistan

After the successful organizing of first two seasons of PSL, the PCB took a step forward and promised to bring back smiles on the faces of Karachi fans as they are going to organize the PSL-3 final in Karachi after the first two play-offs to be played in Lahore followed by the 3-T20i series with West Indies in Karachi. This is a great step initiated by the PCB to continue cricket back in Pakistan and minimize the overdue of charges carried on rental grounds. The PSL is surely changing the fate of Pakistani cricket providing young cricket to explore and flourish and is surely acting as alms for the Pakistani cricket hungry fans.