Political Economy of Modi Visit to Pakistan

Political Economy of Modi Visit to Pakistan
Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif Handshake

 Modi Visit to Pakistan

The common belief of Pakistanis that Pakistan lies in the center of the world, it may not be true in geographic terms but it may be true due to political economic role of Pakistan in the today world. This importance of been the center of the world is due to three main reasons. The central and crucial role of Pakistan is due to Afghanistan. The continuous Quarrel in Afghanistan since 1980’s is the main reason of been important stakeholder for Pakistan. Since the war against USSR Pakistan is always there to influence the policies of Afghanistan even when there is Taliban leading government or Karzai, Abdul Allah Abdul Allah and Ghani. The recent peace talk between afghan officials and Taliban is due to strong concern of Pakistan (which have been canceled after announcement of Taliban top’s leader Mullah Umar’s Death). Political Economy of Modi Visit to Pakistan.

Effects on Pak-Afghan Relations

The recent accident of falling Kundoz state to hand of Taliban and a tweet by high official from heelman state just open up eyes of afghan government and force them to think again for peace talk with Taliban, while asking from Pakistan to facilitate the peace talk between Taliban and afghan officials (the visit of Pakistan COAS a day after Modi visit is much important in this regard). Due to Afghanistan Pakistan is always on in regional political affairs.

Nuclear Importance of Modi Visit to Pakistan

The second main reason of Pakistan’s importance in the regional affairs is not political but is a nuclear the recent research conduct by an American institute that Pakistan will leave behind some nuclear power and will reach to top four position if Pakistan continue to produce 20 warheads on average annually. Pakistan will be after US, Russia and China within a decade.
The second main reason from nuclear side is the obtaining small range nuclear missile’s technology. Due to these recent development Pakistan is always in hot spot in the international decisions.
The third main reason for playing vital role in regional affairs is the strong interdependence between Pakistan and China, not only for military, politically and economically but with all regards. China which is the third largest economy of the world after US and EU and second after US is highly depended upon Pakistan to get reliable excess to central Asia’s market.

China, Pakistan and Modi Visit to Pakistan

The recent $42 billion investment pact between Pakistan and China is more important one where Pakistan newly built port Gawadar will be connected to Kashghar province of China by road, by railway and by gas pipe line. Pakistan and India have three major wars since both countries become independent form British rule and the daily unrest at LOC is now in routines, Pakistan always seek a strong country to dwindle Indian influences over Pakistan and within the region, therefore, Pakistan and China is always to support each other. Now coming to the point that what realized Modi (Indian Prime Minister) to visit Pakistan and wish birth day to Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif.
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The main reason for change in Modi attitude toward Pakistan is the defeat of Modi’s party in state election. It is not the first time that Indian political parties plays an enmity diplomacy in elections, the case was same in the recent election as forcibly Modi was not allowed to start peace animating with Pakistan, as election was over they just realized that this diplomacy is not working anymore now it’s time reduce tension between the two countries.

Economic Reason

The second main reason is not politically but it is economically, during the 2000’s Indian companies and government have made a missive investment in Afghanistan and were hoping that as the Taliban are defeated in Afghanistan that investment will provide benefits by larger amount, but things went wrong, as NATO Start to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan the Taliban become more active them ever before since 2000. Modi realized that in his recent visit to Kabul that there investment in Afghanistan will be wasted as Taliban were not stopped through negotiations.
Modi was informed in his visit to Kabul the only way to stop Taliban from further movement is to negotiate them and it is only Pakistan who can help them. Due to this reason, to save his own investment Modi visited Pakistan. The third main reason is trade, China and India is the two largest economies of the region and within competition with each other to capture international markets. The China Pakistan economic corridor will provide easy excess to Chinese products to EU and central Asia’s Markets. In contrast, Indian is aiming to capture EX-USSR nations markets, Pakistan and Afghanistan is the gateway to those markets and there aim will be not fulfill is there relation with Pakistan is not stable and law in order situation in both countries in not become trustworthy otherwise any efforts with this regard will be just homicide for Indian objective with in the region.