Problem Since Pakistan’s Birth

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            Like the fluctuations of weather in Pakistan, the politics of Pakistan has also changed its trends in the seventy one year’s age of Pakistan, added by the daybreak of dictators. It has always remained a puzzle in the history of Pakistan that never tried to get solved and is hanging in the gardens of Pakistan till now. Pakistani Politics never proved to be a bosket for the Pakistani development and in fact acted as a barrier on many occasions for the growth of Pakistan. Unfortunately, Pakistan never has found a command that could lead it to glory and hope. Pakistan lost its territory in the shape of Bangladesh as a result of abortive politics and expedience of the politicians.

Current Ups and Downs In Pakistani Politics

Keeping its traditional convention, the Pakistani politics is following the road of its ascendants and is not shouldering Pakistani economy and development. As a result we have been facing the problems of lawlessness, valuableness and the value of our rupee is going down each and every progressing day. Our politicians are not fulfilling duties that they are assigned for. All the major parties try to be on top of each other and for the sake of their party’s honor they try to seek through opponent’s mistakes and then try to enlarge them as much as possible. Gears are shifted to maximum when it comes to blaming but shifts to minimum when comes to helping public.

A Nightmare for the Pakistani Nation

          In the past decades since Pakistan’s birth, the Pakistani politics have proved to be a nightmare for the Pakistani nation as it has added to the miseries of Pakistani nation rather than decreasing them. They have not been provided by the facilitations for which they elect their representatives. Every successive election they vote with the wish of their problems to be solved but they keep on hanging on their heads as always. Pakistani nation needs a representative who can understand their problems and can help them get rid of their problems. A representative who can lead them and their country to glory and success, a representative who diverts the way of Pakistani politics and track them on the roads which are free from corruption and other illegal acts.