Why Pakistani Media is Silent on Syria Attacks?

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Syria is a war-zone country in the Middle East. Syria is under the attacks of US, Russia and ISIS(terrorist group) since 2001. However, most of the area is been hanged by ISIS. Due to continues attacks of US and poor performance of the government of Syria there are many rebel groups also arise in the last few years. The silent reaction of other Muslim Countries like Pakistan and Turkey bound the Syrian people to rebel. The eyes of the syrian people for help from Muslims are tired now. Why Pakistani Media is Silent on Syria Attacks????

Latest Attack on Eastern Ghouta

Syrian forces have killed about 500 civilians in a week of intense bombardment of a rebel enclave near Damascus. These forces are backed by Russia and they are pounding the area since last Sunday.

Situation in the Eastern Ghouta

Syrian Observatory said that at least 30 civilians were killed, including 18 in main town, Douma. The number raised to 500 in the last week.

Pakistani Media is Silent on Syria Civil war

Pakistani media on these recent attacks are silent and they only focus on Events like PSL and other breaking news. The main reason of this silent behavior of media is not only that Pakistan don’t care about syria conflicts. But also the big treat from some groups and high orders pressure. Due to fear of these groups Pakistani media is silent on this cruelty happening in the cities of Syria.

However, on social media many videos and pictures of this cruelty and ceasefire of US are been upload. These clips are share by millions of people and people react to these clips very emotionally. May be strike against this ceasefire of US will happen in next few weeks by Muslims brothers of Pakistan.

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