Pakistan Policy towards USA (1947-1980)

Pakistan-USA relations
Pakistan relations with USA had been forced on her by circumstances. Differences with India and economic needs brought Pakistan close to USA. In December 1953 Eisenhower announced American intention of Arming Pakistan. Massive economic aid was also given. As a result Pakistan join SEATO and CENTO. The United States gave full moral support to Pakistan on the Kashmir issue in return. But USA and Great Britain supported Pakistan in the wars of 1965 and 1971 only diplomatically.

But Pakistan could not elicit the military support SEATO in 1965 and 1971 wars. Bhutto (Ex-Prime Minister of Psakistan), therefore, decided to withdraw from it.
However Pakistan and American differences existed on the issue of Pakistan’s nuclear program. The US has asked Pakistan to desist from making atom bomb. America suspended arms aid to Pakistan as the latter refused to give guarantee that it would not make an atom bomb.
The afghan events have made a change in US attitude and the USA has decided to leave the arms embargo. So during afghan crisis Pakistan became a front line state against soviet aggression and USA provided economic and military assistance to Pakistan just to control communism in the region.
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