Pakistan Policy Towards Muslim World (1947-1980)

Muslim World: Green represent Muslim States 

The movement for freedom of the Muslims of the sub-continent was based on the Islamic ideology, which meant the safeguard of the Islamic culture and civilization. It is also protecting the rights and interests of the Muslims who were being suppressed and dominated in every walk of life by other states especially by India. Pakistan, therefore, was demanded with the ultimate objective of making it a strong fortress of Islam and enabling the Muslims to live according to the principles and tenets of Islam.
So keeping in view the Islamic ideology Pakistan maintained regular relation with the Muslim World. For example Afghanistan initiated a hostile propaganda campaign against Pakistan through its press and radio immediately after independence but Pakistan established friendly relations with Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Refugees in Pakistan 

When the Russian troops invaded Afghanistan in 1979, Pakistan extended hands by accommodating them in their country. Pakistan refused to recognize any government formed under the umbrella of the Soviet Union troops.
Similarly Pakistan has cordial and friendly relations with Indonesia, Malaysia, Libya, Iran, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and other Muslims countries. Pakistan has always supported the cause of Bosnian, Kashmiri and Palestinian Muslims. Pakistan hardly struggle for the independence of Kashmir Muslims and being in war with India from many years because of Kashmir.