Pakistan-India new Blame Game

The recent unset between Pakistan and India’s relation over the lengthened issue of Kashmir have triggered a change in regional global politics. Since the death of Kashmiri separatist young leader “Burhan Wani” the valley of Kashmir have been a hot spot for human rights violation. More than 70 people have lost their lives including children and women. This was not the first time; the people of Kashmir are struggling for self-determination since 1947. They are protesting inside the Kashmir valley, as well outside to raise the issue of Kashmir; to spring up at in international forms. The recent deadest blow up and human rights violation in the entire region of Jammu and Kashmir once again left a question mark on human rights activist.

Protester Slogan in support of separatist leader Burhan Wani 

Pakistan who claimed Kashmir is part of Pakistan or a separate Muslim state got an opportunity to speak against the rights violation and ask for United Nation to stop Indian from doing so and protect the basic right of self-determination of Kashmiris. Indian on the other hand denying Pakistan’s claim and call it internal matter, and in response Indian PM on Independence Day, asked Pakistan to stop human rights violation at Baluchistan. The question that is arises here either statement by Indian PM is just a new blame game or it is a new way to use a political proxy to destabilized the most important region for trade in near future. Indian has been repeated involved to demolish peace and law and order situation in Baluchistan just to void China long term interest in the region. Pakistan repeated raised Indian involvement to destabilized Pakistan a crossed from Afghanistan and Iran.

Protester put Gun on Modi face during a road protest at Quetta.

The recent statement of Ex Afghan president Karzai on his visit to New Delhi about human rights violation in Baluchistan is a junction of India’s long length effort of destabilizing Pakistan. Nevertheless, Indian spy agency is also providing financial and moral support to a political party to demolish law and order situation of economic hub of Pakistan (Karachi). It’s become a common belief on the common people in Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, about Indian involved in these provinces through Tahreek-e-Taliban and other separatist group. Today as India is under pressure due to rights violation in entire Jammu and Kashmir region, activist from that London based political party attacked media houses in Karachi to dwindle media coverage from Jammu and Kashmir.
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Pakistan of the other hand, has also involved in long length campaign against India’s cowardly assaults on innocent Kashmiris. Social Media activist from Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir started heavy campaign against Indian terror attack over Kashmiris. Political leaders, Actors, Social media activist and even everyone from every spheres of life provide moral support to Kashmiris for their right of self-determination and asked united nation to stop Indian army from killing innocent Kashmiris. A day after statement from Indian PM about Baluchistan, hundreds of thousands of people come out to streets all around in Pakistan impeding against Modi and singeing his statue in front of huge crowd and media persons. The human rights’ situation today at Baluchistan is much better than that of Mushraaf Regime while human rights’ situation in India worst today than in previous regimes. People in Jammu and Kashmir are restrained by continuous curfew since 8 July. Print media are not allowed to work for weeks. Mobile and internet network is not working scone July 8. People do not have excess to each other through any mean of communication. More than 70 people have been killed and more than 1000 have been wounded form serious eyes and skin injuries, many among wounded may lost their sought forever.

Kashmiri’s Protests over  killing of  Burhan Wani

A separatist group form inside India have protest on Indian independence and arrange small gathering during press conference, where nine people have killed on independence day in Indian administrating region of Kashmir. A big hit blow of coups rashes to roads and streets protesting against Indian rule in the disputed region of Jammu and Kashmir; while announcing black day, all the markets were closed and curfew have been imposed. People from disputed region have arranged celebration function on Pakistan’s Independence Day, hoisting Pakistan flog on their houses.

Pakistan always provide morally support to Kashmiris; arising the Kashmir issue with human rights and UN. This time again PM Nawaz Sharif have planned to give tough time to Indian counterpart in next session of UN; which will be held in next month. The regional political atmosphere is expected to change more dramatically and a new era of blame game is more expected from both sides.