Problems in Pakistan Cricket Selection System

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Our Selection System… A Food for thought

Blast from the Past                               

It used to be a time when Team Pakistan used to be a strong competitor to all the cricketing nations round the globe. 1992 World Cup is spectacular example of that. Our selection committee used to find gold among coal and the results used to explain themselves. Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Shahid Afridi and all others are perfect examples of that. Our cricket structure used to be masterpiece for the observing nations. This was all because of the diaphanous selection of talent across Pakistan.

Current Problems Pakistan Cricket Selection System

Unfortunately, in the past few decades, our selection system is strictly criticized by masses for the uneven selection processes. Also blamed for selection of penchants in national team. The section committee or the head of the committee has to come across many questions after selection or after a poor performance from a young gun. After selecting team for the Irish and English series, the selection committee and specially Inzemam Ul Haque had to come across criticisms for not selecting the best performer of Asia Cup 2014 Fawad Alam in the National side. Tensions aroused among masses and fans for amnestying Fawad Alam in the past few years and even in Pakistan Super League (PSL). Pakistani Nation has to accept the favoritism carried by the selection committee in selecting national side crunching careers of many talented players across the country.

Future of Pakistan Cricket

If the same continued as the luck of Pakistani cricket then it will be very unfortunate to predict the future of Pakistani Cricket. The selection committee has to respect the young Pakistani Talent. And meaning the selection rules in mind, they have to create such a side that have the ability to compete to any team round the globe. The people of Cricket loving country Pakistan wants the best from their team and they shouldn’t be disappointed. Because Allah (God) hasn’t disappointed us by giving us a lot of talent in all parts of the country. All we need is to carve diamonds from stones and God almighty has gifted us a lot of stones. All they need is an elite burnish.