Terrorism and Mass Emotions of Pakistan towards Muslim World

Pakistan Flag

Pakistan and Muslim World


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In the turbulent times that Pakistan lives in, the common threat of international terrorism also endangers our security. Pakistan has been playing a vital role in dismantling the wicked structures of global terrorism. While this war may be over for some, Pakistan remains fully engaged in combating terrorism. Armed Forces of Pakistan are fighting terrorists in the deserted mountains along the Afghan border. Pakistan’s contribution to the cause of exterminating the global terror has been recognized by the world. But it has come at a heavy price. Pakistan has lost many precious lives and suffered huge economic losses.

While Pakistan has not and will not falter in resolve to fight terrorism, Pakistan believes that terrorism cannot be bought by force alone. The ultimate battle in this war will be fought in the hearts and minds of the people. Pakistan has to identify, and actively address, the root causes that inspire people to desperate acts of violence. Besides addressing the universal issue of ignorance, poverty and disease and ignorance, Pakistan has to address specific issues such as the festering wounds of Kashmir and Palestine to remove the misplaced need for asymmetric warfare.

Mass Emotions towards the Muslim World

Pakistani people have emotional attachment with Islam and the Muslim World. Religious parties are emphasizing more and more friendship with the world of Islam. As a progressive Islamic state of more than 150 million, Pakistan has endeavored to promote peace and stability in the Islamic world and discourage the polarization between the world of Islam and the west.

Pakistan wants to establish constructive and cooperative relations between the Muslim countries and the West Pakistan calls on the Muslim countries to vigorously undertake internal reform of their societies, ensuring socio-political and economic progress of their populations. The West, on its part, should assist them in these endeavors through material resources, and help them in resolution of the disputes that have become breeding grounds of terrorism. This, in Pakistan’s view, may be the only way forward to prove the prophets of doom that predict a clash of civilization, misinformed and wrong.