There is No Honor in Killing Qandeel Baloch

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There is No Honor In Killing

Eid’s days are always delightful for everyone in the Muslim society. Everyone of every age from marginalized as well as elite families can buy new clothes, shoes and other fashionable thing to look unique from others. Individuals and families from home country as well as abroad visit back their family houses to pass three days of Eid with family together. Qandeel Baloch, 26 real named Fauzia Azeem was one of them who visited back to see her parents and to celebrate Eid together. But unfortunately these joyful days of Eid become sorrowful for her and her family when she was found dead on Saturday morning. Police arrested her brother on Saturdays evening pointed by her family as involved in her murder. Later in police investigation her brother Waseem Azeem admitted that he killed his sister.

Qandeel Baloch Killing

According to Waseem Azeem, She (Fauzia Azeem) was bringing disrepute to our family’s honor and I could not tolerate it any further. I killed her around 11:30 pm on Friday when everyone else have gone to bed. Qandeel Baloch she was social media activist and popular for posting daring videos and picture on social media (Facebook). This was not the first case in the following two months, a few days earlier on 10th June another case was reported to police form Lahore when a young teenage Zeenat Bibi was burnt by her mother for marring of her own choice. Another case was registered form Dera Ghazi Khan where Allah Ditta, 24 year man was killed by five men when he eloped with woman and return back to village two weeks ago. This was not the first case of male falling a victim but a very few of all.

Civil Society activities protesting after
Killing of Social Media Activist Qandeel Baloch
 As far, Federal Ministry of Law the total of 933 cases were registered of honor killing in last two years. More of them were registered from Sindh were alone 602 case are registered form this province in last two year. In the most cases the honor killing is made either for conducting sexual affairs between the couples, for marring without the will of the family and for any other reason for taking steps against the well of family. Unfortunately honor killing is much popular in the rural traditional societies of Pakistan.

Islam allows honor killing or not

The question that emerge that either Islam allows honor killing or not and where is our society today collectively. At the most cases honor killing is made in rural societies where ignorance is at apex and people are following their own traditions rather than basic teaching of Islam. Islam has clearly stated rules for sexual conduct and marriage. Islam allows both men and women to choose their couple of their own choice. The willingness of men and women is the essential requirement for marriage. Once a woman came to Prophet (SAW) a complained about her marriage that her wedlock (Nekah) is offered without her willingness and now she is not happy with her Hubby.
Prophet (SAW) voided her wedlock immediately and thus set an example. Thus, the mutual love and understanding is foremost requirement for marriage in Islam. Unfortunately our traditional norms and basic teaching of Islam have long strife when I come to marriage. We favor our traditions rather than Islamic teachings by not allowing the newly married couple to their homes and sometime go for more extreme case of honor killing when they married against family well, which booty hundreds of lives every year. These killings are completely against the schooling of Islam.

Prophet (SAW) Says

The next main reason for honor killings is the conducting sexual activity with someone without wedlock. For this kind of sexual conduct Islam again set clear principle. For example killing is only allows when both or one of them are already married to someone else while conducting sexual abuse.
Similarly, when both were not married to someone else, Islam doctrines us to bring them both to wedlock (Nekah). The mentioned above and other creeds of Islam about sexual abuse are only applicable when it was proved with the help of three witnesses or the accused one justifies her/his crime by itself. Without any proof or justification form accused one’s Islam does not allow us to punish anyone for doubt. Killing for marring at own choice is not allowed in Islam at every cost but for sexual conduct it is allows but in some cases and that must be verify again and again so there may not be loses of anyone live guiltless.
For this Prophet (SAW) set an example when a companion of Prophet (SAW) committed sexual activity and went to other companions for three time to punished him but they refuse and tell him go for Repent, Allah may forgive you but at the end when one companion bring him to Prophet (SAW) and he justifies his bad well for three time and thus Prophet (SAW) ordered to stoned him for his bad conduct. Later when he was stoned Prophet (SAW) commented “I Wish if you do not bring him to me and tell him what Abu Bakr (RA) Umar (RA) told him”. This last comment of Prophet (SAW) shows how much caution is required while punishing someone for death for his/her bad well.

Prohibition in Islam

The question that is need great attention while claiming a Muslim society why there is been conflict between our cultural norms and Islamic teachings about the most important segment of the society (Women). There are numerous reasons for this; the important one of them is the ignorance among the people. Peoples often follow wrong practices while unaware about their prohibition in Islam.
According to center for advance research on language Acquisition “culture as shared patterns of behaviors and interactions, cognitive constructs and understanding that are learned by socialization. Thus, it can be seen as the growth of a group identity fostered by social patterns unique to the group”. Unfortunately these wrong practices become part of cultural norms and are followed by segments of the society without any humiliation.
In the case of honor killing mostly the principle of Islamic Teachings is voided. The most responsible for these all is our education system (Including western as well as Islamic). Unfortunately these institutions only focus on education rather than the formation of good behaviors of the children. And as consequence the misconduct of Honor Killing is often seen in our society. Another argument that is often notices that Honor Killing is mostly made by women’s side families. It is very rare a man is killed for family honor.

Murder of Allah Ditta

The recent murder of Allah Ditta is example of victim of family honor killing. Why only female is victim of honor killing? This show male dominant society where women are only to family honor. What bad well can men do not even threaten to the family honor and are protected by family in most cases. The next thing that worth to notice is the lack of proper legislative rule about Honor Killing. Every year thousands of peoples murdered for so-called family honor but there is not been any principle passes through legislative bodies. Unfortunately at the more cases even FIR is not registered against the killer or it may be withdrawn by victim relatives before the final decision of the court.
The promise of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for anti-honor killing legislation evinces disloyalty; as no action has been taken tell now. The wrong practices in social life, men dominant society and no legislative rules all together these factors are responsible for loses of precious lives in name of so-called Honor Killing.