MyAccountingLab: An Online Learning Platform


MyAccountingLab is an online learning platform – Small investment, large return

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Gone are the days now when one had to forcibly go to the physical classrooms in order to get their education. Now after the technological advancements here comes the eLearning platform known as MyAccountingLab! It is a platform that permits a person to get educated, with a very minimal investment of time and money and ease of sitting at home.

MyAccountingLab believes that learning as a tool succeeds as it has only one objective and that is to make virtual learning and training an easy matter for students. Creators of MyAccountingLab have gone beyond the designing of eLearning answers and programs with the use of wide range of tools.

Whether it’s at home, in the classroom, or in the workplace, learning is a never-ending road of innovation, challenge, inspiration, and surprise. Traditionally, eLearning is used as a means to encourage distance learning. It gives the students chance to complete their education without traveling physically here and there which will obviously save the transport costs. Now, students staying in China can complete a course offered by an institute in Germany without having to go to Germany. All this has been made so easy through MyAccountingLab. MyAccountingLab is the part of the world’s primary collection of online homework, tutorial, and assessment products. Pearson MyAccountingLab is designed with an exclusive purpose in mind and that is to improve the results of all higher education students. At Pearson, we make tools that provide opportunities for learners at every stage of their journey. With input from more than 11 million student users annually, Pearson MyLab creates online learning experiences that are truly personalized and continuously adaptive.

Core teaching and learning features of MyAccountingLab

The reasons as to why be MyAccountingLab the most favored and most liked e-learning platform for many users, are several. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of MyAccountingLab and how it affects the virtual teaching or learning environment.

  1. Reliability: MyAccountingLab has been there for over several years and in these years it has gone through multiple variations and alterations in order to become what is now very reliable and proven resource. From educational institutions to Universities, either big or small have selected MyAccountingLab to use as their teaching policy. This clearly shows us how trustworthy this e-learning tool is now for everyone.
  2. Cost-effective:It is considered as an open-source software for everyone, and so anyone can download it for both profitable and non-profitable use. Its cost-effectiveness is its major advantage for trainers, learners, and
  3. Personalized response to the wrong answers: MyAccountingLab offers instant response to even the wrong answers that are specific to each student.
  4. Security: Many of the people criticized and objected regarding the security and privacy issues which are everyone’s concern nowadays. However, with the help of regular updates and continuous checks, the MyAccountingLab platform has proved to be very resilient against any illegal usage, data losses, and other similar misleading issues. It is rightly said that this e-learning platform is perfect for trainers as well as the learners whose first priority is safety and security.
  5. An eText: MyAccountingLab eText allows you to focus, add your own study notes, and go through your instructor’s modified notes, 24/7.
  6. Multilingual: MyAccountingLab is accessible in various languages, thus is suitable for students of different cultural backgrounds across the world.
  7. Community: The most important feature of all “The Community”. This is the motivating aspect of MyAccountingLab’s success as a major Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The loyal and devoted worldwide community delivers frequent support regarding any fixations.

Starting MyAccountingLab

MyAccountingLab is a self-motivated, interactive eLearning forum. Obviously, your teacher or trainer has asked you to have access to this online medium. Therefore in order to access your MyAccountingLab account for the first time, you need to first register and then, later on, log in.

There are three steps to be followed before getting started and they are:

  1. Email address: The personal email ID which is provided by the institute so that important emails are forwarded there.
  2. Trainer’s course ID: This will be provided by the instructor in order to get yourself connected with the course. The course ID will something look like this: professor12345
  3. An access code (credit card/PayPal): If anyone is already having an access code, then they need to redeem it when they register. If anyone doesn’t have it, then they can use a credit card or PayPal to purchase access.

If still, anyone has issues regarding getting registered or using the MyLab or Mastering product, visit our student support pages to help your queries resolved. Regarding any technical issue one should visit Pearson Support for help with registration, signing in, browser settings, plug-ins, or other system requirements.