MQM-RAW Nexus Badly Exposed

Indian occupied Kashmir as on the verge of destruction due to interference of India forces, more than 300 hundred people have been martyred for the last couple of months, food supply has also been halted. There is no hospital facilities provided to the wounded people, consequently, they sent to the cradle of death. The barbarism and brutality of Indian forces compelled the dwellers of Kashmir to live on the mercy of other. The emergence of Burhan Wani and his heroic exploits lead him to embrace martyrdom, but before his acceptance of martyrdom, sent a major portion of Indian forces to hell. Quagmire is prevailing in the area since the day of initiation of massacre of Kashmiries.


Despite the barbarism and unprecedented cruelties have been carrying out in Kashmir by Indian forces. The state of Pakistan didn’t play his due role to present the lawsuit of Kashmir in United Nations and miserably failed. But the media and the masses of Pakistan have been playing a vital role to project the problems of Kashmiries.

Barbarism of Indian Forces on Kashmiries

Nations. PM Nawaz Sharif wrote a letter to the Secretary General of United Nations Ban ki Moon to take notice of human rights violations in Kashmir. Pakistan some hows let the international community know the uncertain situation and the international community was almost taken in to confidence. But a drama was staged by MQM in Karachi to divert the attention from Kashmir. MQM-RAW nexus is not a hidden fact, several confessional statements have already given by the MQM Rabita Committee of London. A member of MQM Rabita committee London Rao Anwar and Tariq Meer have given written confessional statements to Scotland Yard about RAW funding to MQM. On 22nd of August, the Leader of MQM Altaf Hussain used humiliating words against Pakistan and arm forces of Pakistan while having a telephonic speech to his workers in MQM Head Quarter Nine-zero. The workers were also provoked and participated in anti-Pakistan slogans. Incitement to violence has also been done in that particular speech. Consequently, his workers attacked on several Media houses including ARY, Saama and Geo news. Public properties and several vehicles were also burnt. Sooner the later, Police and Rangers controlled the situation but a lot of damage has already been done. In short the entire national and international media diverted their attention from Kashmir to Karachi which badly exposed the MQM-RAW nexus.

Violence of  MQM  workers in Karachi
In a nutshell, there are enough proofs about MQM-RAW nexus but the state is still a silent spectator. Now the question is, would it be possible for the government to take up the case with the British authorities to prevent his citizen from inciting to violence with in Pakistan? Would it be possible for government to seal the offices of MQM? Would it be possible for the government to ban MQM? These are million dollars questions. If the state of Pakistan has to survive and to touch the height of success. They seriously need to find out the answers of the these questions.