Maintenance of International Peace and National Interests of Pakistan

Maintenance of International Peace

Maintenance of International Peace

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Developing Countries like Pakistan fully realize the importance of peace. Pakistan is a peace loving country without peace in the region and also with the neighbors, economic development cannot be achieved. Pakistan needs rapid economic development so that the standards of living of its people could be raised.. The country spend more than one third of its G.N.P on defense expenditure. If the threat to its security is reduced or minimized then this huge expenditure could be saved. This amount then could be utilized in the development projects. The environment in that Pakistan exists is unfortunately subjected to the Indian dominant policies that threaten the Survival of the smaller neighboring countries peace therefore, in the region and in the world is one of the most important objectives of Pakistan’s foreign policy. Maintenance of International Peace.


National Interests

Another most important objective of Pakistan’s foreign policy is the protection and promotion of national interests. Like security, integration, economic development, preservation of physical, political and cultural identity, protection of the citizens abroad, ensuring of diplomatic imunities for the diplomatic staff and maintenance of freedom etc.

Close ties with Muslim States

Pakistan was not just created as a new state but it was created on the basis of Islamic ideology. So therefore we can say that dose-ties with Muslim states i.e. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Malaysia, Egypt, Afghanistan, Oman, UAE, and central Asian State etc is one of the most important objective of Pakistan’s foreign Policy.

Good relationship with neighboring countries

Another objective of Pakistan’s foreign policy is to establish good relationship with neighboring countries.  ( with Iran, India, Afghanistan and China.)

Close relations with the Western countries

Close relations, with- Western countries especially with USA, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland etc for economic development is also one of the important objectives of Pakistan foreign policy.