Main Points of the Objective Resolution


Liaqat Ali Khan
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Objective Resolution: The resolution was presented by the then Prime Minister, Liaqat Ali Khan. In his address on the same occasion Liaqat Ali khan Said, “I consider this to be a most important occasion in the life of this country, next in importance only to the achievement of independence, because by achieving independence we only won an opportunity of building up a country and its polity in accordance with our ideals.” The objective resolution was a landmark victory of the then legislature. Its importance in the history of constitutional evolution is obvious from the then speech of Liaqat Ali Khan.
The Objective resolution was passed by the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan in March, 1949, and was made an integral part of the constitution of Pakistan by Presidential order No.14 of 1985 as inserted in the constitution in the form of Art-2A with effect from March 2, 1985.

Main Points of the Objective Resolution

1. The objective resolution was presented by in the government Assembly by Liaqat Ali khan in March, 1949 and General Zia made it part of the constitution of 1973.

2. It provided for:
  • Sovereignty of Allah.
  • Exercise of powers is the trust of Allah.
  • Provision of an Islamic environment.
  • Rights of minorities.
  • Rights, equality, freedom, democracy and social justice.
  • Democracy and federation.
  • Provincial autonomy and national integration.
  • Honourable foreign policy.

3. The objective resolution is important because:

  • Accepted the supreme authority of God.
  • Islamizing the system according to the very spirit of the Muslim freedom movement.
  • A safe environment was provided for the minorities.
  • Democracy and federalism were proposed that were natural requirements.
  • Rights, freedom, human equality and social justice were given priority.
  • A balance foreign policy and international peace were emphasized.
  • Provided guidelines for the framers of the constitution.

4. Unfortunately the provisions of the resolution have yet not totally applied that make an exemplary Islamic society.