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Latest Trump News, Stories and Affairs

Trump now claims he was ‘very strong’ with Putin on election meddling

After clashing statements on who was responsible, president claims he told Russian leader: ‘We can’t have this’. Read Ful News

Trump tries to douse Putin storm — but his cleanup tests credulity

The Latest: Trump dismisses idea of compromising intel

President Donald Trump is expelling proposals that Russia has bargaining knowledge about him after a news meeting in which Trump declined to condemn President Vladimir Putin for Russian impedance in the 2016 U.S. presidential race. Read Full News

Donald Trump returns to US to face bipartisan condemnation after standing by Vladimir Putin and Russia

US President Donald Trump has arrived home from his one-on-one meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki to a wave of criticism that has crossed party lines. Read Full News

Trump-Putin meeting reactions: ‘Russia is not our ally’, says Paul Ryan – as it happened

Donald Trump has left Finland for the US, conveying a conclusion to a hurricane day.

Donald Trump was censured as “treasonous” for agreeing with the Kremlin in a question and answer session that included talks about race intruding, oil pipelines, Syria, Crimea and atomic power. Read Full News

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin hold press conference in Helsinki

“The United States could be more decisive in nudging Ukrainian leadership,” Putin says.

“We agreed, me and president Trump, we agreed to put together a high-level working group” of Russia and American businessmen, Putin says. Read full News

Trump, Putin hold joint press conference after the summit

Read Full News

Before Trump meeting, Putin makes a play for Europe

As American president picks the battle with EU, Russian pioneer spots chance to influence Continent ‘regular to partner.’ Read Full News

Trump takes on Europe, in photos

In only multi-week, President Donald Trump will have sent America’s partners into a hissy fit, imparted tea to Queen Elizabeth II and pressed in a heart to heart with Vladimir Putin. POLITICO takes a gander at the president’s seventh outside excursion and how, once more, Trump showed that nobody ventures as he does. Read Full News

Trump has stockpiled cash for his reelection

The president’s campaign has $33 million in the bank so far, plus millions more through joint fundraising committees. Read Full News

 Why Trump won’t cancel the Putin summit
President Donald Trump’s gathering with Russian President Vladimir Putin has every one of the makings of a political fiasco.A huge number of Americans trust Putin has some vile impact on Trump. The Justice Department just arraigned twelve Russian military programmers for interfering in the 2016 decision. Reporters and congressmen are requesting that Trump drop Monday’s sit-down. Read Full News

Trump-Putin summit mystery: What about Snowden?

Trump has required the outlaw NSA leaker’s execution and once ensured that Russian President Vladimir Putin would hand him over. In any case, there’s no sign that Trump is squeezing the issue. Read Full News 

Trump: EU is one of United States’ biggest foes

The EU is one of the biggest foes of the U.S., President Donald Trump said just ahead of his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday. Read Full News