Kashmir dispute and Pakistan Foreign Policy

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Jammu and Kashmir History

At the core of problems between Pakistan and India lies the Kashmir dispute. It has been the direct cause of several conflicts between the two countries. There can be no peace in South Asia unless this dispute is resolved, in accordance with the wishes of the people of Kashmir as prescribed in the United Nations Security Council Resolutions, which recognize the inalienable right of the people of Jammu and Kashmir to self-determination.

Both countries hold widely divergent positions on Jammu and Kashmir. But a way forward has to be found. Pakistan had proposed the four-step approach which offers the best possible formula for solution of the Kashmir issue. It includes resumption of a sustained dialogue process, acknowledgement of the centrality and the importance of the Kashmir dispute, elimination of elements unacceptable to Pakistan India and the people of Kashmir, and finally working towards the achievement of best solution acceptable to the parties.

Kashmir Dispute
Kashmir Map

This would be a win-win situation for all arid would create the atmosphere for a multidimensional movement towards normalization of relations.

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Solution of Kashmir Problem

India has yet to respond the suggestions made by Pakistan in all sincerity to meaningfully move towards a just and final settlement of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute. While the gestures for Confidence Building made by Pakistan have improved the atmospherics in the region, Pakistan is yet to detect any indication so far from India to address the Jammu and Kashmir issue seriously, substantively and purposefully. Any number of Confidence Building Measures (CMBs) would turn out to be futile, as long as there is no movement on this front. In fact, resolution of the issue of Kashmir itself would be the biggest OEM of all, which can usher us into an era of peace, stability and socio-economic progress, which the teeming millions of South Asia so direly crave for. The security situation in South Asia will remain tenuous unless we are able to resolve peacefully the core dispute.

Interest of EU in Kashmir dispute

Pakistan deeply appreciates the interest that the EU has taken in core issue concerning South Asia. As a sincere friend, the EU wants to help two neighbors to resolve their disputes and we respect that. Last year the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament sent a delegation on a fact-finding mission to both sides of the LoC. Pakistan welcome the visit and the report subsequently submitted to the Committee. Pakistan also hopes that the interest of the Parliament would continue in the subject in the future as well.