Jihadist and US Threats to Pakistan’s Nuclear Assets


Jihadi Threats

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Pakistan’s Nuclear Assets: The Afghan problem crossed the Durand Line. The jihadi elements not only crossed the border but considered that Pakistan was a base of their enemies. The problem multiplied due to ethnic similarity on both the sides of the border and similar anti-US sentiments. Killing of innocent people accelerated the war because culturally the Pakhtoons never forget revenge. Religious emotions in Pakistan gave rise to extremism. So, today Pakistan is under the threat of Taliban, Al-Qaeda and extremist religious groups. Not only Pakistan but India is also feeling uneasy. The whole western world is anxious about the access of extremist religious groups to Pakistan’s nuclear installations. This factor is now a dominant factor in the foreign policy formulation process.

Al Qaeda and Taliban Threats

The terrorists in Pakistan pose the biggest internal threat to the security of the country. The Pakistani Army is busy in anti-terror operation in the tribal areas, to rub both, Al Qaeda and Taliban. Both the diplomats and soldiers have perfected the art of hunting with the hound. Pakistan is the corner stone of the Afghan Pakistan Policy of USA. The Afghanistan-Pakistan policy of the US strategists is being tried and tested on ground now. The Americans wish to win the war in Afghanistan with the support of Pakistan.

USA Threats

Although Pakistan is a frontline ally in the war against terror but the USA feels that Pakistan is playing a dual role i.e. running with the deer and hunting with the hound. Further, USA and her allies are anxious on the nuclear proliferation towards Iran, Libya and North Korea etc. They are anxious about the Islamic spirit of Pakistanis; rising extremist groups; Pakistan’s rising defense capability; and access of extremist groups to nuclear devices. So, USA also plays a dual role and practically works to destroys Pakistan’s defense, potential and capability. General Musharraf has explained the US threats in his book, “In the Line of Fire”.