Hopeless People

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I always asked my self, why we become hopeless when ALLAH is always with us. our creator gave us a beautiful life don’t waste it being sad or hopeless.

Our holy prophet s.a.w said “if Allah wants to do good to somebody. he afflicts him with trials”.

[sahih Bukhari: volume 7, book 70, number 548]

ALLAH is your creator

ALLAH is your creator he wants to do good from us and then he gives us trials. he always out eye on us to watch how his creator passing the trail. if we pass this with patience then must give us a reward for that. so never be hopeless.

If you can’t see any ray of hope just turn to almighty and asked ALLAH to shower his blessing. I swear u will not be depressed again. Never regret about what you have always been thankful to ALLAH. Hopelessness leads to your depression and then depression will spoil your whole life. Lord always has the best plan for us. we select best for us but ALLAH chooses best of all. If you are not getting what you want just keep your faith high, one day you will get a better reward for it.

Suicide Because of Depression

I saw many people who are committing suicide just because of depression. because they become hopeless when the things are not coming in their favor. they depressed with their family even they start hating those people who wanted to motivate them. depression and suicide is a cause of hopelessness .. that is our duty to talk and listen to them and try to sort out the matter. As a Muslim, this is our duty to save a life.


Don’t lose hope, nor be sad (Quran 3:139) .. lord is always with you in your bad times and good times too. Turn to him and asked for blessing but don’t take a life. Never be hopeless.