Geo-political Position & Security – Pakistan Foreign Policy


Geo-political Position:

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A foreign policy does not develop in a vacuum. Its outlines are shaped, amongst other thing, by the geo-political realities. Pakistan’s unique geography lends a distinct strategic importance. Pakistan transcends South Central Asia and West Asia. This country is ideally placed to be a force for peace in these regions. Pakistan also has the potential to become the inter-regional trading hub.

Pakistan has positioned itself to offer trade and energy corridors to the Central Asian states. At the same time, this location places rather excessive demands on Pakistan in the area of security.


 The quest for security has been the paramount objective of our external perspective. Pakistan’s regional security perspective is primarily shaped by the fundamental irregularity that exists with India, especially in the area of defense capability. Indian conventional forces vastly outnumber Pakistan’s capabilities. In the sphere of air and naval power, the gap is even wider and growing further. India maintains the world’s fourth largest armed forces and is rapidly expanding, upgrading and modernizing them through indigenous production of military hardware and acquisition of force multipliers from outside, which is causing a serious imbalance in South Asia.

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