Imran khan is hero of Muslim World – Erdogan Praise Imran

imran khan and erdogan
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Erdogan Praise Imran – Turk president Rajab Tayeb Erdogon says that Imran khan is a hero for the Muslim World and he is gift from Allah to the people of Pakistan. He told this while briefing to media on Thursday.

Imran Khan a Supportive Leader 

Imran khan is a famous politician and celebrity of Pakistan. He is struggling, since many years, for people of Pakistan.  His main aim is to give justice to the poor and vanished corruption from Pakistan.  Corruption is the major problem of the country according to Media Experts. Imran take the corruption almost out of the country in the last few years. His struggle of ending corruption from Pakistan is not ignorable.

People Support Imran Khan

Due to his struggles for justice majority of Pakistan support him and stand with him. In 2013 elections his party Tahreek-e-Insaaf govern KP (Province of Pakistan). People of KP vote his party and now they are happy with his voting.  Imran also target the corrupt politicians of Pakistan in which Nawaz Sharif is included. Supreme Court if Pakistan found Nawaz Sharif guilty for corruption.

Erdogan Praise Imran

Turkey President Tayyib Erdogon praise Imran Khan because of his struggle for his people. Also Imran Khan strike every time when the US, Russia and other countries were against Muslim World. Due to his love for Muslim Erdogon praise Imran Khan in his words. According to Erdogan, Imran can better lead The Muslim World.