Emancipation from Colonialism and Apartheid – OPFP

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Core values and interests can be described as those kinds of goals for that most people are willing to make, ultimate sacrifices. They are usually stated in the form of basic principles of foreign policy and become article of faith that a society accepts uncritically.”(Holsti quotes) “Core” interests and values are, most frequently related to the self-preservation of a political unit. These are short-range objectives because other goals obviously cannot be achieved unless the political units pursuing them maintain their own existence. Foreign Policy objectives: The most important objectives of Pakistan’s foreign policy are;

Emancipation from Colonialism and Apartheid

Since Pakistan also gained independence from colonialism and the people of Pakistan had a better taste of colonial rule, therefore Pakistan had a natural sympathy with the people of those countries who fought and are still fighting against colonialism and apartheid policy. Pakistan has consistently supported the liberation movements by the Africa, or Asia or elsewhere. To achieve this objective, Pakistan has always supported the just struggle of the Kashmiri people against Indian occupation and to the struggle of the Palestinian people.