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Trump and North Korea: What cancelled apex affirm about US foreign policy

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The choice to pull out of the apex with North Korea rounds off a momentous six weeks for US foreign policy. Read Full Story

Democrats can’t acquire the ‘respect’ of Trump voters: Paul Waldman

“This is a game they cannot win, so they have to stop playing.” Read Full Story

Trump answers to new FBI informant reports

President Trump on Saturday appeared to respond to fresh reports that an FBI stoolie had reached out to many campaign aides during the 2016 presidential campaign. Read Full Story

Facing Trump, a historian appeals to America’s soul: ‘I think we’ll survive’

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy had two huge words on the fore, imparting un-curable advice: “Don’t panic.” Jon Meacham’s new book, a kind of hitchhiker’s guide to the American soul, with ease bear the same cover legend for anyone in a state of unending alarm about Donald Trump. Read Full News

The Memo: Will Mueller play hardball with Trump?

Special attorney Robert Mueller wish to interview President Donald Trump — but how far is he prepared to go to get the president’s affirmation?

Several licit advisers believe Mueller might have compiled sufficient evidence for indictments. Read Full News

Donald Trump changed everything for The Onion

A lot has altered since 2013, as the editors of The Onion recieve an angry email from Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen. Read Full News 

Top Stories: May 19, 2018

Trump Shield ‘Animals’ Remark, Saying It Referred to MS-13 Gang Members

President Donald Trump had said on Wednesday that “these aren’t people, these are animals” during a meeting on immigration at White House. On Thursday, he uttered the statement was specifically directed at members of the gang MS-13. Read Full News

Officials argue Trump’s Talk of an FBI Spy Planted in His Campaign

U.S. Executives are driving back against accusations embraced by President Trump that the Justice Department planted a spy in his campaign.

Instead, the two Executives said, the FBI and CIA compiled intelligence from a number of people as they began their investigation of Russia’s interference. Read Full News

Trump battered to put hacking on North Korean summit agenda

When President Trump face with Kim Jong Un in Singapore, he will have an absolute opportunity to accost the North Korean leader about his country’s combative hacking strategy and the emerging ventures it poses to the United States. Read Full News

Texas Democrats look to single-payer in congressional races

Democrats hoping to wrest congressional seats away from diehard repeal-and-replace Republicans are campaigning on an unlikely issue for Texas — single-payer health care.

Top Stories: May 18, 2018

Trump criticize media for ‘intentionally’ reporting his ‘animals’ comment incorrectly

President Trump rebuke media outlets who narrated earlier that he had adverted to undocumented immigrants as “animals,” an assert that came in response to questions about fellows of the brutal MS-13 gang with roots in El Salvador. Read Full News


When Trump attacks, Democrats shut their mouths and pray

Jon Tester was on his estate in rural Montana when his phone rang: It was his chief of staff, reporting him that the president had just called for his resignation on Twitter. Read Full News

Bill Gates says Trump asked the difference between HIV and HPV

President Donald Trump made creepy opinion about the look of Bill Gates’ daughter and asked if HPV and HIV were the alike thing, the billionaire philanthropist said in video footage obtained by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. Read Full News

Giuliani claim Mueller has agreed to cramped scope of potential Trump interview

Rudy Giuliani said Friday that special attorney Robert Mueller has agreed to scant the scope of a potential interview with President Donald Trump. Read Full News

Trump, still projecting summit, reassures and caution Kim Jong Un

President Trump said US and North Korean officials are preparing for a diplomatic summit thid month.

Special attorneyl Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible complicity between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia achieved the one-year mark on Thursday.


Top Stories: May 17, 2018

President Donald Trump has over and over reviled the FBI operators chipping away at uncommon direction Robert Mueller’s examination concerning the 2016 battle. Rudy Giuliani, a previous U.S. lawyer who’s presently Trump’s legal advisor, has assaulted them as “stormtroopers.”

 Rex Tillerson just majorly strolled Donald Trump

Speaking to soon-to-be graduates of the Virginia Military Institute on Wednesday, Tillerson dropped this truth bomb 

 Mueller’s group of Dem contributors under flame from Trump as test hits one-year point

The extended and meandering special counsel Russia investigation that Trump has commonly decried as a “witch hunt” hit the one-year mark on Thursday – giving Trump’s licit team an opening to renew criticism of the probe’s aim and its investigators.

Sen. Heller to Trump: Don’t shut down the government before midterms

Senate Republicans didn’t put excessively numerous inquiries to President Donald Trump when he went along with them for lunch on Tuesday, however the gathering’s most defenseless officeholder made one major ask: Please, Nevada Sen. Dignitary Heller argued, don’t close down the administration over subsidizing for an outskirt divider before the midterm races.