Demands and Impacts of Modern Cell Phones

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The whole world is globalized by the outcomes of scientific researches and its new discoveries. All the discoveries are approximately useful however; in them, the cell phone is much fruitful as compare to other discoveries. It is discovered by Alexander Graham Bell in the year 1876. The telephone of those times was a simple one. Although it was not discovered much earlier, in very short period it is converted from a cell phone to a microcomputer. Which not only perform those jobs which computer performs, it also performs the job of computer and as well as the job of a cell phone. Moreover, one can also conclude that the world is globalized by modern cell phones. Reason well, it connects you with the people around the world and thus you will be well aware of what is happening in this globalized world.

Demand of modern cell phones

The manufacturers are bringing positive changes in these cells phones day by day. As a result, the demand of such cell phones increases day by day globally.

According to a research, about 25 percent of businesspersons whose business was other than the business of cell phones, have changed their business and have started a business of modern mobile phones.

Impacts on Business

Modern cell phones and China’s economy:

China is known as a global market. These days in this global market, the business of modern cell phones is on its peak. It is internationally accepted that China is much stronger economically than United States of America. It is because here in China you can purchase, each thing, whatever you want, of good quality by low price.

Its impacts on Students:

As the wall has always two sides, on the same hand, the modern cell phone has also two sides of its impacts especially on student’s life. These impacts are: positive impact and negative impact. Both of these impacts are briefly discussed below.

Positive Impact:

As I earlier said that, the modern cell phones are microcomputer. This microcomputer has a lot of free space for adding: files, videos, documents, movies, games, you can add more apps in it through internet, and in short, anything you wish is possible to save in it for a long period. So, if a student adds a dictionary in it, It will help him in learning new words, if a student adds his or her assignments in it. He or she will be able to study it easily and comfortably as well. Moreover, if a student is much clever what will he do with his modern cell phone? He will use the social media, including, Google, face book, YouTube, viber, what’s app, imo, and other such communicators which will communicate him with his or her fellows round the world and he or she will share his or her research with his fellows or can discuss with them whatever, he or she wants.

Negative Impacts: Firstly, as each thing have advantages and disadvantages as well. Likewise, modern cell phones have also some adverse affects on one’s life.

Secondly, the modern cell phone can killed you precious time and time once gone never returns. How it can kill your precious time? It can kill your precious time in such ways.

Moreover, although playing games on a cell phone for few minutes just for relaxation is not bad, it causes increase in IQ level and improves motor skills, if one starts, playing games for hours and make busy his or herself in passing stages of a game, one after the other and other after the other. Consequently, cell phone kills his her precious time.
Furthermore, using Facebook for non-professional purposes like chatting with your friends, watching videos, or giving “likes” on your friends’ pictures, commenting, or sharing fruitless videos and texts. In addition, these all kills your precious time with cruelty.

Lastly, the modern cell phone may be very fruitful if it is use with, open eyes. We can turn down all the negative impacts of our cell phones by using it in specific time for specific purposes. Otherwise, it may well harmful for us.