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Competition Age

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Modern age is known as age of competition. Competition not only bless energy for struggle but also maintain that struggle. In today’s life every member of society is in competition with others for achieving goal. Like everything, competition has also a very rough side. As Napoleon said that the source of your conquer is the source of your defeat.

In today’s life, one can find competition everywhere, may be that competition is in studies, in business, in political field and in every other field of life. The worse effect of competition is that we compete with others instead of ourselves and with our past. Sometimes we compete with others ignoring the huge difference in ours and their lives, condition and fields. Usually competition divert our focus from our aim and concentrate it on other’s goal.

How competition began

Question arise, ” How competition began?” .When in a society or in a specific field, all members are uniformly moving and at that specific moment one suddenly take a forward step ,he become prominent and dominant,  All society members then start struggle to replace him. In this way an environment of competition creates. Many members in competition struggle but do not reach to their goal because for achieving goal in competition, struggle is important along with right direction. Struggling in wrong direction is not only losing goal but also energy and resources. At the end of competition, some are awarded and some are not due to which another competition began and the circle continues in this way.

In today’s life, people are in competition with others in achieving good life. A good life is one which satisfactory. Every member of society first think that a good life is only possible when one is living a luxurious life but when a man get luxury, he then came to know that there is no satisfaction in luxurious life but at that time he is a part of competition that’s why he is compelled to be a part of circle, So it is necessary to focus on goal rather than competition.

Follow the faster one

Hitler said that in competition try to follow the faster one and compel the slower one to follow you. Means that competition should be with own previous step not with others, just take inspiration from faster ones and encouragement from weaker one. Competition is a part of life rather than life. In modern age, people are destructing their present for the sake of their future construction. It’s a destruction for construction. A good journey is that one in which traveler enjoy every step and get reward in winning case. Sometime get knowledge in losing case. Loss in competition is not a complete lose. Same is the case with competition, one should enjoy every moment of competition along with result in form of reward or knowledge.