Clichés of aging amongst Asian Women


About Asian women

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Do you want to live longer, look younger, and lose weight? Here is the detailed overview about Asian girls and women that you will enjoy after reading it.

The alluring and appealing nature of Asian girls cannot be ignored. Long, silky & smooth hair, charming skin, slim, short bodies and that graceful feminine way they walk is undeniable. The way Western women have come to take long, determined steps in an almost manly way. Asian girls on the other hand move in a slow, sensual way that makes men’s head turn.
There is one major issue that most of the Asian women came across is the skin related problems that includes aging, acne, and other related problems. Following is the brief overview of this issue.


What is aging and why do women look aged as they grow older?

For most of the women aging is the term that means growing older but they also believe that some ‘aged’ are better than others. They think that the bodily changes and variations as we grow older do not follow any definite chronological laws of nature. Growing older is dependent on time, but that is not the way how the term ‘aging’ is generally understood or accepted.

Then what is aging in terms of Asian women?

According to these Asian women, the look and appearance of aging is usually more necessary to people rather than their chronological age. The physical symptoms of aging involve wrinkles, so-called age, liver spots and loss of hair color. In all these signs, hair color should not be a problem because that can be dyed any color you want it to be. But the other two tend to be common signs of aging about which nothing or very little can be done. By knowing their fundamental causes behind, there are some evident signs of aging of which something can be done only if you are practical and prevent them from occurring.

Aging in Asian woman

Have you never noticed why those fair-skinned women living in hot climates of Asia tend to develop skin that is more wrinkled and tougher than those in colder climates of Europe? Californians tend to age quicker than Scandinavians for example, and many Africans look younger than Australians of comparable age. This is explained below in detail.

Asian women have a different skin type as compare to western women. Their skin has less chance of experiencing pre-mature aging. In the earlier phases of their adult age, Asian women are not likely to having wrinkles, saggy & bending skin. Women of Asia look much younger as compare to other women of their own age but from different races or regions. They are also less likely to have damaged skin and skin cancer.

Asian Women Aging

In order to be blessed with such skin, it also requires that it should be taken good care of in order to keep its spark and liveliness. The type of skin one have, the race to which the woman belongs to and her age, all are dependent on the nourishment you provide to your skin. Asian women are aware of the ingredients that are found in creams for their skin. Hence they know very well that what suits for their skin best. The marketing and advertisement nowadays is so influential that women get confused in choosing from so many facial creams and other beauty products. But Asian women know what to buy exactly for their beauty.

Asian women usually buy high Sun Protection Factor (SPF) products. The reason behind using these products is to reduce the chance of getting the tone of skin darker. As compared to white-skinned and western women, Asian women have thicker and heavier skin. This heavy skin demands a product that intensely enters deep down the skin so that nourishment of the skin goes profound. Kojic acid is one commonly used ingredient that is found in most products. It is harmless to use if you wish to whiten your skin. Apart from all these positive aspects of Asian women there is a negative aspect of them. Asian women face dark patches around their eyes, which becomes the reason of hormonal changes in their body.

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Something interesting about Asian Women that is different from other women

The particular attractive nature of Asian women appeals a lot of men. There are some of the unique characteristics of Asian women. These include that they are short, quiet-natured and have strong family-life concept and values and norms of being in a family. These traits are usually absent in a lot of the women in modern Western culture.

The features that a lot of Asian women generally possess as compare to other women of the world is highly valued and lacks in many western women. But this is also true that not every Asian woman has these attributes, but for the most of them do.

For those women who fail to realize that why some men get attracted to Asian women very easily. They should take a glance at the following facts. These are some of the qualities that Asian women have and that’s lacking in modern Western culture. And it makes them unique from the rest of the world.

  • Asian girls and women are enjoying a lot of fame and attractiveness nowadays. They are increasingly overcoming their reserved nature and enjoying a career-oriented & independent life.
  • People are delighted by the looks, appearances and simple culture of Asian ladies. This again has led to the approval of Asian girls and women by most of the men.
  • Regarding the context of dating Asian women there are people who wish to have a long-term relationship with Asian women as they feel that these ladies are more loyal, dedicated, serious committed & capable of continuing a relationship.
  • Asian women are perceived as truthful and reliable. There is a genuine reason behind this idea and that could be the fact that Asian women belong to a strong family culture. Which is rarely to be seen among other overseas women.
  • Men are also tempted by the fact that Asian women do have good cooking skills. These girls are different in household aspects and this is perhaps the fact that makes them even more attractive to men.