Political Independence and Territorial Integrity – Objectives of Pakistan Foreign Policy

Pakistan Flag


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“Core values and interests can be described as those kinds of goals for that most people are willing to make, ultimate sacrifices. They are usually stated in the form of basic principles of foreign policy and become article of faith that a society accepts uncritically.”(Holsti quotes) “Core” interests and values are, most frequently related to the self-preservation of a political unit. These are short-range objectives because other goals obviously cannot be achieved unless the political units pursuing them maintain their own existence. Foreign Policy objectives: The most important objectives of Pakistan’s foreign policy is Political independence and territorial integrity.

Political independence and territorial integrity

Pakistan wanted to consolidate its newfound independence. She was faced with the problem of refugees; capital was needed to run the administration. Above all the policies of India were hostile. India started occupying the princely state one after another. Obviously this trend created a fear in Pakistan that India would take advantage of her weakness. Indian aggression in Kashmir, Hyderabad and Junagadh had created Security problems for Pakistan. Pakistan had to look for friends and support from outside. Pakistan needed friends to boost her defence and economy and also to enhance her diplomatic pressure. The military and economic aid could only came from the world powers like the USA. Pakistan signed SEATO and CENTO. Pakistan was greatly frustrated by the inability of these military pacts to help Pakistan in hour of her trial in 1965 and in 1971. Therefore, Pakistan quit these pacts in 1974. .