The Logical Conclusion of Ihtesab March Against PM Nawaz

The only real opposition in national assembly of Pakistan is Imran khan, who has decided to take beneficiaries of Panama leaks to the cleaner. He has been leaving no stone unturned harming the government. On one side he initiated a series of protests on roads to mobilize the masses and on other side, he suits a case in Election Commission to disqualify PM Nawaz Sharif’s membership from National assembly. Moreover, a case has also been filed in supreme court of Pakistan for disqualification of PM.

Imran Khan Rally against Nawaz Sharif’s Corruption
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Pakistan Tehreek Insaf has been trying their level best to bring the government before the court. The role of PPP in this case is very interesting.on one side, he supports PTI morally and on the other side various meetings was meetings were taken place to formulate and fix various issues with government relating Ayan Ali and Dr. Asim. Despite dragger drawn between interior Minister choudry Nisar and PPP’s leadership, PPP is on the back. A couple of days ago opposition leader announced a movement against govt country wide but later he took a U-Turn and confined his protest to Jalsas only. In a nutshell PTI is an opposition in real sense. ToRs committee is also drama,no one will stand with Imran khan as they all are the beneficiaries of this corrupt system.
In a nutshell PTI is an opposition in real sense, if PTI get success in this movement, it is a great achievement for the entire nation, in case of failure, a brilliant home work for the upcoming election. In other words there is no loss for PTI in this movement.

Imran khan rally against Nawaz Sharif Corruption